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"A retreat like no other!  This was exactly  what I needed for my mind and my body.  The place was amazing, with a perfect view and lots of trails for leisurely  walks/strolls.  Lots of space and time to read, reflect, and journal.  The food prepared with love by Jenn was beyond delicious and the presentation was on point.  I loved the options for group or individual activities based on preference.  As well, a massage was just a cherry on the top of a perfect all-inclusive getaway."    -A.M.

"Jennifer's coaching has been an eye-opening experience, during which I learned the skills to strive toward a big goal by focusing on each step at a time. Also, I now have a timeline and feel motivated to keep to it.

Jennifer exudes positivity and a belief in who she is coaching. She listens with insight, which is reflected in her feedback, both during a consultation and in the very personalized homework she provides."  -I.M.

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