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The Roots of LIBERTY Pursuits

 Purpose     Movement     Possibility  

Imagine living intentionally, with awareness and alignment.   Imagine experiencing mobility, flow, and progress in physical health and life trajectory.  Imagine embodying hope, recognizing opportunities, and celebrating positive change.


Why We Care...

We believe:

  • Each person is immeasurably valuable and uniquely equipped to offer something special to this world.

  • All life is precious and should be treated with kindness, care, and respect.

  • We are at our best when we actively care for the needs of others and uphold  the dignity of all persons.

  • Each person has responsibility for and agency over their own life.

  • Personal well-being exists best within supportive encouraging community.

  • Feeling stuck in life and restricted in mobility is not the end of your story.  Growth and change are possible.

Jennifer C. Kay (nee Dunsford)

Liberty Pursuits Founder

Jennifer's Story

Experiences with loss during her teenage and young adult years have developed in Jennifer a strong sense of intentionality and legacy in her approach to life and relationships.  Jennifer is a Certified Life and Wellness Coach and Clinical Somatics Certified Exercise Instructor who is passionate about listening to your story and empowering you to develop ease in physical movement and discover purpose in your life.  Jennifer holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies and Counselling and is a Full Member with Canadian Dance Teachers Association.  For almost 25 years she has cared for the health of others as a Registered Massage Therapist with specialized focus on supporting people through prenatal/postnatal/parenting journeys.  Jennifer is the wife of a loving husband, the mom of two adored sons entering their teenage years, and a committed companion to her cherished canine.  It is time spent with them back-country camping, distance swimming, or skiing that brings her the most joy. 


Whether she is spending time with equine friends, teaching children at church, or creating opportunities for people to gather in community, she maintains a curiosity to learn from those around her.  Connecting and collaborating with other skilled professionals allows Jennifer to provide you with comprehensive care and relevant referrals.  Jennifer is an ideas person who can help you to mobilize your resources and establish habits that promote health.  By pursuing the possibilities that align with your deepest values you will experience greater fulfillment in your life.  Jennifer brings her dynamic Integrative AwarenessTM approach to all LIBERTY Pursuits offerings and is here to support you as you courageously step forward with purpose.

"It's mine but you can have some.  With you I like to share it.  For if I share it with you, you'll have some, too." 

The Sharing Song, by Raffi


Small steps of courage can create significant

results. Today is full of possibilities.


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