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Clinical Somatics Instruction

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We may have been born with unrestricted mobility but habitual postures, acquired injuries, and learned muscle patterns intensify our stiffness and pain as we age.  The stooped and forward head postures that were historically observed in adults in their 70's are now developing in people in their teens and 20's.  In a society of increasing tech use and sedentary lifestyles our bodies seem to be showing some signs of aging more rapidly than ever before.

Clinical Somatics exercises retrain your nervous system to release involuntary resting muscle tension so that you can get out of pain and avoid damaging your body.

LIBERTY Somatic Movement empowers you to become the expert of our own body by teaching exercises that retrain your nervous system so that muscles contract and lengthen with efficiency.  Relieve the competing stress on your joints and experience improved freedom of movement.  Develop self-sufficiency in your continued wellness. There is effective help for chronic pain and deteriorating posture.  

This service may be covered by your extended health insurance.

Private and group 6-class sessions (online and in-person) and Workshops (online or in-person) are available, or see our LIBERTY Pursuits Packages 

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