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This Is My Small Courageous Step...

This week my sons and I have been exploring what it means to be trustworthy. My curiosity was fueled because "trust" was the topic I was responsible for unpacking with the children at church, and thankfully I had some resources readily available. In our own home we have navigated some real-life examples of the importance of trust in relationships, as well as discussing what happens when trust is lost, and how we determine who is safe to trust. Breaking down "trustworthy" gave us some meat to sink our conversational cuspids into, and it turns out this topic is not a once-considered-then-remembered-for-life subject.

I am reminded regularly how much I need to diligently cultivate such values in my life. As I reflect on the characteristics of trustworthiness I mindfully assess whether I am being a good example for my children; whether I am satisfied with the way I present myself to the world. Am I truly doing what's right, even when it's hard? Am I consistently forgiving others' mistakes? Am I evaluating the things I say to guard against gossip and criticism? Are my words truthful? Am I dependable and respectful? Are my actions matching with what I say I believe?

So this past year I have taken many purposeful incremental strides toward my own new and compelling goal. I am doing the work that I encourage others to do. My intention is to "walk the walk", so today I am declaring this small courageous step to the world: I am posting my first blog on my newly published website! Thank you so much for reading. Please be encouraged that small steps in a new direction translate to significant results. We can be true to ourselves, even when it seems challenging. We can match our actions with what we consider most valuable in life. We can take small steps in courage and discover new possibilities.

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Nov 01, 2022

You have always shown yourself to be honest, generous and loving to everyone you meet! You are a go to person.


Nov 01, 2022

Bless you, my friend! You are a light to me!


Nov 01, 2022

I'm guessing the beautiful laneway is somewhere in beautiful PEI? And I am proud of you for each step of faith and courage you take big or small. As you follow The Light, you provide light to others on the path🔆

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