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So what's your something?

Do you ever wonder if what you say, how you interact with others, or where you invest energy and money actually matters? When I think about how many people exist in the world and have lived throughout history, my natural default is often to assume that in the vast ocean of society, economy, and geography my minuscule drop means nothing.

And then I reach for a mixed CD (remember those?) thoughtfully compiled almost twenty years ago by my adored cousin. I instinctively search for a song that will elevate my sinking spirit. When she assembled this collection so long ago did my cousin predict that it would impact my experience of today? Immediately and without intention my head begins bobbing along as the words of Nikka Costa inspire me to re-evaluate my contributions in this life: "And somehow I know there's a time for every star to shine...everybody got their something (everybody got their something)...make you smile like an itty bitty child...".

Here, in real time, I am experiencing proof that the effort taken by one person has indeed made a difference, and I am grateful. When we're overwhelmed by big things in life, it's the little things that offer us glimpses of joy and hope. Little things matter. It's okay to realize how small I am within this universe. It's good practice for me to recognize that my actions, though they may seem inconsequential, impact those around me; to remember that I am my best when I actively care for the needs of others, and in doing so I provide something valuable. The truth is that we are each uniquely equipped to offer something special to this world.

So what's your something?

Maybe you wish you could see your compelling purpose more clearly. You might long to believe that your contribution in this life matters. It's possible that you are eager to hear words of encouragement and accountability as you begin with a small step.

Perhaps that spark that once impassioned you has dwindled. Sometimes all it takes to revive a fire is a focused breath of fresh air.

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