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Liberty Pursuits Packages

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Experience our exclusive LIBERTY Integrative AwarenessTM approach in one convenient

LIBERTY Package!

Our Wellness FLOW Appointments are 60 minutes and include Certified Life & Wellness Coaching as well as Clinical Somatic Education.  If you are feeling stuck in life and restricted in physical mobility, this combination appointment is for you.  Improve mental clarity and move with ease into the life you always imagined.  Online and in-person options available. 

Our In-person Registered Massage Therapy Wellness Appointments are 90 minutes* and include Certified Life & Wellness Coaching, Clinical Somatic instruction, and a short relaxation massage from a certified RMT. 

Free yourself from postural patterns that are restricting your movement.  Overcome obstacles holding you back in life.  Experience mental rest and clarity as you engage your parasympathetic nervous system and relax. 

*RMT Wellness Appointments also available as 60 minutes, which include a short relaxation massage and your preference of Coaching or Clinical Somatics instruction.


These packages may be covered by your extended health insurance.

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