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Dance & Movement

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LIBERTY Dance Movement joyfully shares opportunities to move and dance.  Follow us and register for our FREE Unify Pop-Up Dance events throughout the year where you can come together in  community to  learn a little and let loose a lot! 

If you don't think you can dance, join us for LIBERTY Dance Movement Renew and learn that you really can do it!  We each have a uniquely beautiful way of moving.  Gain confidence, accomplish a great work-out, and connect with others.  Adults of all ages and teens (Jr. High and older), all abilities, and all amounts of mobility are safely welcome!  You are invited to join us weekly in-person for 6-class sessions.  Freeing  your body has a significant impact on your state of mind!

LIBERTY Dance Movement TrueVibe Dance events are monthly open-floor community gatherings that offer a safe space to move in your own unique way.  Co-create with others, express your authentic self, and be liberated by great music!  Short facilitated grounding exercises to begin and end this free-flowing dance gathering.  This is a scent-free, alcohol-free, smoke-free, photo/video-free event open to adults of all ages.

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